V Belt - automotivedrivingbelt.com is a loss of goods

5, smooth transportation, there V Belt
automotivedrivingbelt.com is no relative movement between the material and the conveyor belt,
to avoid damage to the transport.

6, compared with other conveyors less noise, suitable for work environment
requires relatively quiet occasions.

7, simple structure, easy maintenance, low energy consumption, the use of low

Timing belt (Timing belt) is an important part of the engine gas distribution
system, through the connection with the crankshaft and with a certain
transmission ratio to ensure that the inlet and exhaust time is accurate. The
use of belts rather than gears is driven because the belt is small in noise,
precise in transmission, small in size and easy to compensate. Obviously the
life of the belt must be shorter than the metal gear, so the belt should be
changed regularly.

The timing of the role of the belt is when the engine is running, the piston
stroke (up and down movement) valve opening and closing (time) the order of
ignition (time), in the "timing" of the connection, always keep " Running.

Timing, that is, through the engine timing mechanism, so that each cylinder
just to do: the piston just up to the top deadline, the valve just closed, spark
plug just ignition.

V Belt automotivedrivingbelt.com is a loss of
goods, and timing belt once broken, the camshaft of course will not run
according to the timing, this time is likely to lead to the collision of the
valve and the piston caused serious damage, so the timing belt must be based on
the original Specify the mileage or time to change.

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