The 3 Best Blogging Strategies for Money

Blogging for dollars is an excellent approach to have the extra cash if done efficiently. I have found 3 steps that will make blogging work, they're simple, but without one blogging doesn't work as it should. Here they are in no particular order:


One: Blogs currently have to be very niche. If you are doing a blog on weddings you are likely to battle with each of the competition. Instead try doing one about Mormon weddings or weddings over a $1000 budget. The more niche the greater your pursuit will be in the long run.

Two: When you are planning to complete affiliate marketing online on your own blog it does not make sense in order to add WalMart, or Target, inside the sidebar maybe in the post. Your blog post has to be about a item for sale or comparison shop, or geotargeted specifically That item. Or even, no person will see your links. Using Affiliate marketing online instead of banners can not work.

Three: Submit every post everywhere. I make sure you try to submit my posts to all the places to waste time, ezines, other blog sites, especially newspaper sites. I am astonished at what number of newspaper sites have free blog posts now. The fantastic thing about newspaper web sites is that they are already ranked generally around a 6 or more for Google relativity which provides you more capability to your link systems.

I have found that generally following these rules is likely to make your blogs successful. Additionally, it offers you a powerful possiblity to see what is successful and replicate it into a hundred blogs. It is not necessarily about loving whatever you reveal as much as it's gathering valuable information with a niche topic which is optimized for search and your money.
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